A Church Dependent on God; Acts 1:12-26; Bennie Tomberlin

Characteristics of a church:
*Gathering as an assembly with Jesus as its King
*Seeking the will of God with one mind in prayer focused on Jesus
*Scattering to be witnesses to Jesus and what He has done for us
Being a dependent church glorifies God.
Do we want God to be in our midst, do we know that we need him?
The apostles were unified in the upper room in purpose, desire & need. The gathered church is a humbled group of folks that have been recipients of great grace and great mercy. Unity is granted by Jesus. He has made us one. The disciples were unified in obedience and prayer.
The moment we start to focus on one another the church will be divided. If we focus on Jesus together, dependently, with humility, and prayer we will be united and God will use us and we will not be discouraged.
Scripture speaks the mind of God. The word of God will be fulfilled in every way.
The church is rooted in the Old Testament by the witness and testimony of the apostles. The key characteristics of a church are obedience, unity founded in Jesus, prayer calling out to Jesus, scripture that testifies to Jesus and God’s will, and sanctified common sense.
A pattern for seeking God’s will:
*Obey what we know
*Walk in unity looking to Jesus
*Pray to Him fervently
*Seek His scriptures
*Listen to what His promise is
*Use your sanctified common sense
Shake-ups are God’s wake-ups for us to be dependent on the Lord. Shake-ups are God’s wake-ups to God’s divine and immutable purpose, plan and promise.
The Lord knows our heart. God is faithful. If we endure with him we will reign with Him.


You Shall Be My Witnesses; Acts 1:1-11; Bennie Tomberlin

The book of Acts is telling us that what Jesus began in his earthly ministry is continuing from heaven where Jesus is reigning and resurrected as Lord of all.
Jesus came so that we could be saved from the world and the wrath to come.
The wrath of God is coming! Look to Jesus and be saved.
God has given us power to be witnesses. Tell somebody what God in Christ has done for you. Tell them how great He has been to you. Tell them how He has forgiven your sin and enabled you to forgive the sins of others. Tell them how He has reordered your priorities, and tell them how He gets you through grief and sorrow. Tell them how Jesus is your hope.
God has used suffering in the life of believers.
Jesus’ rule is set up in our hearts. This rule is spread by witnesses, it is universal in scope, it is international in membership, it is holy in character, it is rooted in ancient promises, it is gradual in its expression, it is missionary in its action, and it is eschatological in its goal.
Jesus left three things behind for His believers and His witnesses, his children:
*His personal presence
*His standing orders
*His future promise
If you do not know Jesus as your Savior, you will not have heaven as your home.
Acts forms the perfect counter-point and contrast to the gospels. In Acts we have the son of God offering us His power, and the continued growth of the church. Acts speaks of Christ ascended and exalted, and shows us what christianity looks like modeled by imperfect servants.
Jesus is our Savior.
Jesus is Lord.
Jesus is our message.
Jesus is our mission.
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